Revealing The Best Information About Volleyball Betting 2024

Along with the development of technology, activities related to volleyball are also improved and developed, including volleyball betting. With the appeal of this sport, it is a recreational activity that many sports lovers love and participate in. In this article, 188jili will provide information for you.

Understand volleyball betting

Understand volleyball betting

Volleyball betting is the activity of betting on the results of volleyball matches. In which players will place money on one of the predicted results that may occur in the match. For example, which team will win, the exact score of the match, or the number of points for each team in the match. 

Players can place live bets during the match or before the match starts. Volleyball betting is an entertainment and betting settlement activity allowed in a number of countries and regions around the world. However, players need to comply with local rules and regulations regarding betting.

Detailed instructions on volleyball betting

Detailed instructions on volleyball betting

To start basic volleyball betting, you need to clearly understand the betting rules and format of this sport so that you are not confused and are ready to compete confidently. Below will be instructions for you to play.

How to calculate points in volleyball

  • Points are scored when an opposing team makes an error or loses a point. This point will be added to the team’s total score calculated from 0 to 25.
  • If two teams reach the same score of 24, the match will continue until one team overcomes the opponent by achieving 2 consecutive points (26-24, 27-25 etc.). This situation is called “equilibrium match point”.
  • In special cases, when two teams achieve 2 consecutive points, the match will continue until one team surpasses the opponent by 2 points (for example: 28-26, 29-27 etc.). This is called a “double balance match point”.
  • In each set, the first team to reach 25 points and surpass the opposing team by at least 2 points wins that set. If the score is 24-24, the match will continue until one team surpasses the opponent by at least 2 points.
  • In special cases, if the match requires a fifth set (tie-break set), each team will be allowed to play up to 15 points and scoring at least 2 points more than the opposing team will win the set and the match.

Basic betting rules

Volleyball betting rules at the bookmaker are usually specified in the bookmaker’s rules, as well as notified to players before betting. However, here the article will introduce some general regulations about volleyball betting rules:

  • Players must register an account at the house and deposit money into their account to be able to participate in betting.
  • Players can bet before the match starts or bet while the match is in progress (also known as “live betting”).
  • The bookmaker will offer odds for possible outcomes in the match. Players can bet on one or more outcomes in this list.
  • After placing a bet, the player will not be allowed to cancel the bet unless the bookmaker has its own policy on canceling bets.
  • When the match ends, the bookmaker will calculate the results of the bets and pay the players if they guess the correct result.
  • In the event of a dispute over the result, the bookmaker reserves the right to determine the final result of the match and bets will be settled according to that decision.
  • The bookmaker’s terms and regulations will apply and be valid for players’ volleyball betting activities.

Forms of play

Volleyball betting is an activity that many people love and participate in, and there are many popular forms of betting. Below are some popular forms of volleyball betting:

  • Handicap betting: This is the most popular form of betting in volleyball, players will bet on the team that can win with a certain handicap (handicap) compared to the opposing team. For example: team A handicaps team B by 2 points, if team A wins with 3 points or more, the player who bets on team A will win.
  • Correct score bet: Players bet on the exact score result of the match.
  • Even/odd bet: Players bet on whether the total score of the match is even or odd.
  • Winner bet: Player bets on the player/team that will win the match.
  • Point bet: The player bets on the total score of the match.
  • Odds of Win Betting: Players bet on the odds of a team winning in a tournament or match.
  • Over/Under bet: Players bet on whether the total score of the match is greater or less than a previous rating.

Experience playing top-notch volleyball betting

Experience playing top-notch volleyball betting
  • Master the rules and regulations of volleyball: Understanding the rules and regulations of the sport is very important to be able to make the right decisions when placing bets.
  • Follow information and news about the team: This helps you have an overview of the team, the performance of the players and the strategies of the coach. 
  • Choose the right type of bet: You need to choose the type of bet that suits the team’s performance and how the team plays. 
  • Consider statistics and figures: Statistics such as the team’s win rate, average points per set, and corner and soft penalty rates can help you make the right decision.
  • Reasonable financial management: Carefully consider the amount you bet and do not exceed your financial capacity. Set a maximum amount to ensure that you will not suffer heavy losses when you lose your bet.
  • Patience and waiting: Betting on volleyball requires patience and waiting. You should not place too many bets in one day and also should not bet too early before the match starts.


Above is the information related to volleyball betting that 188jili has provided. Currently, volleyball is a popular and loved sport around the world, so this is also a field that attracts a large number of players. To be effective in betting, players need to clearly understand the rules and regulations of this sport.

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